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Accident Reconstruction

If you’ve been injured in a serious car accident, accident reconstruction can be one of the most important aspects of a proper investigation. Accident reconstruction is the scientific process of analyzing car accidents. A good accident reconstructionist can provide evidence about how the car crash happened and may be especially important if no witnesses were present.

Accident reconstructionists vist the site of accidents, taking measurements, and closely examining the road and vehicles to determine areas of impact through gouge marks and other physical evidence. They carefully measure skid marks and crush on the vehicles to determine the cause of impact. Calculations concerning the conservation of linear momentum often play a key role in determining speed, direction of travel, braking and other extremely valuable information. A good accident reconstructionist (sometimes called an accident deconstructionist) also utilizes modern technology such as on-board computers (PCM), for crash data reporting (CDR). In some cases, especially involving police and law enforcement vehicles a dash-camera and digital photography can be used to determine who is at fault. Even if science and technology isn’t as common as it is on TV shows like CSI and Law and Order, it is nevertheless being used more than ever to provide legal evidence in ordinary courts around the country, like the ones that have jurisdiction over your case.

If your personal injury case goes to trial, accident reconstructionists can present their findings to juries as expert witnesses. With modern technology, instead of relying on the jury’s imagination to explain how an accident occurred, accident reconstructionists can physically show them in the form of forensic animation, a computer-generated accident video based upon their findings. Of course, with this new technology, it is possible for unethical accident reconstructionists to skew their findings to support the party who is at fault. Injured people can lose a case if their presentation isn’t as professional or slick as the other side, because it is easier to believe what you can see. For this very reason, if you’ve been injured in an accident, it is necessary to find an attorney with a knowledgeable network of accident reconstructionists, who can use science to help you present the facts of your case with polish. And, just as importantly, to refute biased accident reconstruction that has been engaged in by unscrupulous “experts.”

When you select a lawyer for a personal injury case, it is essential that you select someone with experience. But an almost equally important factor is selecting a lawyer with a network of professionals in other fields to call upon to help their clients. Having a good expert witness is often the factor that makes a difference in a lawsuit. At Roberts and Blackledge, we always put together a team of people so your case is always in the hands of a professional, no matter what specific field your case might involve. We make sure that full advantage is taken of new science and technology, so that it will serve you in your legal matter.

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