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Traumatic Brain Injury

The brain is the control center of the body, managing everything from simple physical tasks to complicated thoughts and even someone’s personality. Therefore, a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, caused by an accident or purposefully inflicted can cause some of the most severe and life altering changes for a victim and their families. After sustaining a TBI a victim may become physically and intellectually impaired, preventing them from continuing to work, or even being able to take care of their own basic personal needs.

According to the CDC, falls, auto accidents and assaults account for over 60% of traumatic brain injury cases, but there are other causes as well. Not all of the warning signs for a TBI are necessarily obvious. If after any kind of head injury someone experiences unexplained weakness, decreased coordination, numbness, slurred speech, repeated vomiting and nausea or a constant headache that worsens they may have a TBI and should contact emergency healthcare services right away.

In many TBI cases, legal action also needs to be undertaken immediately on behalf of the injured person. If the injury was sustained in the workplace, at a hospital, in an auto accident, or intentionally inflicted, then the course of action is clear. Victims and their families deserve justice and compensation for the financial, physical and emotional costs caused by a TBI.

At Roberts and Associates our firm has successfully represented multiple clients suffering from a TBI. We are well versed in the complicated nature of these cases and have handled a wide variety of TBI claims including cases caused by shaken baby syndrome, hypoxia (low oxygen), stroke injury from a premature ER discharge and victims suffering from reflex sympathetic dystrophy- also known as phantom limb pain. Our considerable experience with these clients and others like them makes Roberts and Associates an excellent choice for anyone seeking representation in a TBI case. We have the knowledge, skills and compassion to help our clients through the difficult circumstances they face. If you, or someone you know is seeking representation, contact our office. Initial consultations are free, and we would be glad to advise you on these legal matters.

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