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Roberts negotiates settlement for victim of law enforcement abuse

Roberts and Blackledge recently negotiated a settlement for a Seminary man who filed suit against Covington County and a Covington County sheriff’s deputy in March, alleging abuse and false imprisonment.

Toby Davis, a resident of Seminary, stated in his lawsuit that last January, a Covington County sheriff’s deputy followed his vehicle for six miles to his residence in a patrol car without flashing any lights or attempting to stop him. The deputy then accused Davis of illegal possession or sale of a controlled substance. Davis fled to the back of his house in fear after the incident escalated physically, and was beaten and shocked repeatedly with a stun gun by the deputy.

After the depositions in the case were taken, the defendants offered Toby Davis a settlement. Judge Keith Starrett entered an order dismissing the case on October 18. Robin L. Roberts, Davis’s attorney, says that although the defendants did not admit liability for the incident, the settlement offer was satisfactory to his client.

Robin Roberts has represented quite a few clients whose civil rights have been violated, taking their cases to federal court. Your civil rights are some of your most important rights as an American citizen, and if you have been treated unfairly by a law enforcement officer, the attorneys at Roberts and Blackledge can help you.

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