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Living Will

Most people have plans in place to protect their family in case of a weather emergency- they know what steps to take, they’ve talked over the plan and if something does happen they are prepared. However, most people are not prepared for a health emergency. It’s not hard to understand why people don’t want to think about having a health problem that could unexpectedly affect their family- no one likes to imagine the worst case scenario. But, by not planning for the future many people leave their loved ones vulnerable to emotional and financial hardship. A Living Will (also called an Advance Healthcare Directive) is the best way provide the guidance and protection your loved ones will need in case of an emergency. The Living Will provides guidance on key decisions such as life support, mechanical ventilation, feeding tubes, hydration, pain management and other more particular handling of health care matters.

A Living Will is created to designate and agent and to inform the agent of your healthcare preferences should you become incapacitated and unable to express your wishes for your treatment. This means that if you have a Living Will in place, your family will not have to guess about what you would want. Without a Living Will your family will have no choice but to struggle amongst themselves, or more likely in Court, to come to a decision regarding your care. Court proceedings, such as conservatorships, can be cumbersome, intrusive and expensive.

Living Wills are not only for emergency situations, but for long term care as well. If you need to stay at healthcare facility for an extended period, such as going into a nursing home or assisted living facility You can take care of business and financial arrangements creating a Durable Power of Attorney which will designate a trusted agent to handle your finances if it becomes necessary.

In situations that deal with the well-being of a loved one, emotions run high. Even people who are usually calm become far more likely to disagree about such important decisions. There is no reason to leave your loved ones in this difficult situation without a guide. Having a Living Will in place will eliminate any confusion about your decisions, and remove the burden from your loved ones.

Roberts and Associates has a long record of successfully helping people plan for the future by creating Living Wills. The worst case scenario isn’t something that people like to mull over- so we encourage you to take the steps you need to address the situation. With a Living Will in place you will not have to worry about the worst case scenario–you will have done your part to prepare. Call us today, and let us help you set your worries to rest on these important, life-and-death issues.

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