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Divorce Mediation

Getting a divorce is never easy. The process of dividing assets is stressful and emotionally draining as well as costly and time consuming. Simply put, divorce court is not a pleasant place. Fortunately, if your marriage is ending, an alternative to divorce court exists: divorce mediation.

Mediation has several advantages over conventional divorce court. You will save time and money if you decide to go through the mediation process. You and your spouse can sidestep going to divorce court, which will shorten the process so you can get closure sooner. Also, you spare yourself a public battle over, what is oftentimes matters, that are very personal nature. It also cuts down the caseload for the overtaxed Family Court system, making the process more effective.

A mediator is a third party, who has no vested interest in the outcome of the proceedings, so the process is fair to everyone involved. They stand to gain nothing, and so they can remain completely objective. The objectivity allows them to see solutions to problems that the divorcing spouses and their attorneys would not normally consider.

Nothing a mediator suggests is binding unless both spouses agree to the terms. If a solution that is acceptable to both parties cannot be reached, then the spouses do not have to abide by what the mediator decides. In divorce court, whatever the judge says, goes. You are more likely to come to an acceptable agreement if you are able to participate in the negotiation every step of the way.

Divorce mediations are a confidential process. There is no court reporter in the room taking down everything you say. Any notes that the mediator takes are thrown away immediately after the process is complete. You will never have to worry about your “dirty laundry” being aired in public, and you will not have to face the embarrassment of talking about the worst aspects of your marriage in a courtroom.

If you choose mediation, ending your marriage can be simpler, more civil, and more civilized. While conventional divorce court often focuses on the conflict between spouses, mediation focuses on finding the resolution to the conflict. Coming to an agreement in the presence of an objective third party can make the process of divorce smoother, and will help everyone reach an acceptable agreement so you can end your marriage with dignity.

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